Rabu, 04 November 2015

Paduan Ayam Kecap Sambal Balado Betawi

Paduan Ayam Kecap Sambal Balado Betawi - Less tasty dishes can be as trivial mistakes while cooking. S Elain ability to process food, also required the proper cooking techniques. Do not dare to add spice or forget the taste of food can be a fatal error in cooking. Here are 10 kelasalah is most often done when cooking.

Before putting food into the pan, especially food will be fried, should the conditions of food already in the dry state or room temperature. Wet food are directly inserted into the hot oil will change the color of the food to be burnt, while the interior is not yet mature.

Usually this is common in this type of food http://resepmasakan-id.mywapblog.com/bikin-donat-kentang-sangat-gampang-lho.xhtml that is frozen. Frozen food conditions were very cold temperature immediately put into hot oil temperature, making the outer portion of food change color rapidly. Use the knife tool using a knife blunt blunt cut will make the cuts less neat, it also can make the effect watery eyes when cutting onions. We recommend sharpening a knife a few months so that the blade remains sharp.

Different knife for cutting meat with a knife used to https://harianresep.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/how-to-make-es-teler-fresh/ cut vegetables or fruit. A butcher knife has a slick and smooth surface, and usually very tajam.Sementara for cutting vegetables and fruits usually slightly serrated blade surface. Food rest a few minutes To get a perfect result should the food coming out of the grill is left for a few minutes before going to the next processing stage. Let food adjusting the temperature of the heat into the room temperature is normal, the condition of the food was so hot it can damage the texture of the food.