Rabu, 04 November 2015

Kreasi Opor Daging Ala Banjarmasin

Kreasi Opor Daging Ala Banjarmasin - Improvisation is very impressive, but you should still follow the rules of existing recipes, such as rules knead the dough. Stir too much or less can make the dough becomes hard or too soft. Make sure the order of the materials incorporated into the dough appropriate, note the time used for kneading dough.

Experts cook though certainly never made a mistake like frying foods until charred. K arena, do not be afraid of food will burn while learning to cook.

Tricks can be done to avoid that food will not https://sukaresep.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/how-to-make-delicious-potato-cakes/ burn is currently a hot frying pan completely sure then add the oil. Before the food into the pan, making sure the oil has been heat evenly. Once the oil is really hot menggorenglah medium heat, so fast food is not burnt.

Wok too full
In addition to the use of fire is too large http://hobimasak.blog.com/2014/10/02/how-to-cook-ikan-bakar-seasoning-sauce/ can make fast food scorched pan too full can also be the cause. The outer portion has been burnt, but the inside is not yet perfectly ripe. We recommend using a large frying pan if the food to be processed in the lot. K arena this will only make the food cooked some even burnt on the part attached to the pan.