Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

Tips Memasak Nasi Goreng Mudah dan Simple

Tips Memasak Nasi Goreng Mudah dan Simple - Olive oil hair mask has been used since Ancient Greece. But now many who do not know, even using it to treat the hair. Olive oil is very good for health when consumed, and also when used on the hair.

Olive oil has a softener that can serve as a hair conditioner so that the hair will look more beautiful, shiny, and manageable. If we use it to massage the scalp, to prevent hair loss and hair breakage. In addition, this oil is suitable for all hair types, from oily to dry.

Actually, the use of olive oil to mask simply wiped the hair on the scalp and hair. But before, it would be better if we mixed with some natural ingredients that maximize results. For example, mixed with honey. By adding honey, olive oil will not be too sticky. We simply use 5 tablespoons best quality olive oil, then add honey slowly while stirring to obtain a mask is soft and not sticky.

Can also add lavender olive oil a few days before use. Lavender will give the impression of fragrance when used. In addition, this mixture useful in strengthening and revitalizing hair. Egg yolks can also be used as a mixture of olive oil. However, we must be careful when rinsing the hair to a raw egg was not included in the mouth.

Treatment process with this mask is first moistened hair and scalp hair and smeared mask evenly. After that, cover with head cover so that the mixture of oil and materials seep into the hair and scalp. Let stand for approximately 90 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with warm water followed by cleaning using a shampoo.

In the use of olive oil for hair mask, we can not arbitrarily choose the type of oil zaitu because the results will not be maximized. Choose olive oil "extra virgin" olive oil instead of distillates, because this is the kind of extra virgin natural oil.