Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

Tips Bikin Bolu Gulung Supaya Empuk

Tips Bikin Bolu Gulung Supaya Empuk - High levels of total cholesterol in the blood is considered as the main cause of coronary heart disease, so the assumption that developed rapidly in the community. However, a research and study have just been published, revealing that cholesterol is not a major cause of coronary heart disease. New facts about cholesterol is inevitably becoming a fierce debate in the medical world. What are the data and facts about the cholesterol?
Facts and figures Cholesterol

Here are some data and new facts about cholesterol as compiled from various reliable sources, namely:

Cholesterol deposits
Cholesterol levels that are too high to be deposited in the bloodstream. This statement is supported by a study on rabbits given fatty foods and there was sediment in the blood vessels. However, the disclaimer is an herbivorous rabbit digestive system is different from humans. Humans are omnivores that fat consumption does not necessarily cause precipitation.

LDL cholesterol is considered as an evil that must be fought or lowered levels while HDL is considered good cholesterol levels should be increased and the intake. In fact, either LDL or HDL is a type of protein that wraps cholesterol because both proteins are not soluble in alcohol, so that cholesterol will not be damaged.

High cholesterol causes coronary heart disease
The fact that successfully revealed in a research and development, said that half the people who go to the hospital because of heart disease proved to have normal cholesterol levels and half of the people who have high cholesterol levels normal heart conditions.

Statins are the best cholesterol control drugs
Excessive actions in prescribing statins, especially for women and children it is not recommended. In addition to the benefits of statins are still questionable, giving the children actually had a higher risk because statins have not been tested in children.

Thus some data and new facts about cholesterol that would be observed. Although this research is still controversial, especially associated with the use of statin prescriptions as controlling cholesterol which has a turnover of millions to billions of dollars each year, it would be better if it is always trying to run a healthy lifestyle to avoid diseases. Hope it is useful.